Registration / Submission

To register a solver or submit new benchmark problems, you have to:

  1. Register online on the EDACC web page by creating an account: (select 'SAT Challenge 2012' → 'Register')

  2. Activate your account by following the link from the email that will be sent to you.

  3. Wait until your account is activated by the organizers (max. 24 hours).

The process now diverges, depending on whether you want to submit a solver or new benchmark problems.

Solver Registration

  1. Submit your solver through the web form. If you submit in binary format, please hand in a statically linked version of your solver. Also note that a PDF file with the description of the solver is necessary to complete the submission process.

  2. If you have submitted your solver in binary format, this binary will be tested automatically as soon as free resources are available on the cluster.

  3. If you submitted source code only, one of the organizers or technical assistants is going to compile your code on the cluster and upload the binary to EDACC.

  4. In both cases you will receive an email with the results of the test runs. You can log in with your EDACC account and check the results.

  5. In case of problems you are free to resubmit your fixed solver until the deadline.

  6. If the problems are not related to your solver but to the execution environment please contact one of the technical assistants () or the organizers ().

Benchmark Submission

  1. Please submit the archive with your benchmarks through the web form. Please make sure to select the correct category, and to include the PDF file with the description of the benchmarks in the archive.

  2. Note that you will not receive an automated acknowledgement of your submission, as the benchmarks are added to the EDACC system manually. Your benchmark set will appear in the "List of submitted benchmarks" when it is added to the system.