Symposium on 75 Years of Turing Machine and Lambda-Calculus

Karlsruhe, Germany, October 20-21, 2011


(For the list of all speakers click here)

Thursday 20/10/2011

11:30 AM -- 12:45 PM: Registration

12:45 PM -- 1:00 PM: Welcome

1:00 PM -- 2:00 PM: Keynote talk (joint with Deduktionstreffen 2011)
Christof Teuscher, A Modern Perspective on Turing's Unorganized Machines

2:00 PM -- 2:30 PM: Coffee break

2:30 PM -- 4:00 PM: Session I
Jörn Müller-Quade, Why IT Security Cannot Have a Universal Model of Computation
Giannicola Scarpa, Introduction to Quantum Computing
Ed Blakey, Turing and Non-Turing Computers: A Tale of Two Complexities

4:00 PM -- 4:30 PM: Coffee break

4:30 PM -- 6:30 PM: Session II
Martin Nöllenburg, Label Placement in Dynamic Maps
Ignaz Rutter, Planarity of Partially Embedded Graphs
Markus Holzer, Descriptional Complexity--On Trade-Offs Between Descriptional Systems
Olga Tveretina, Feasible Interpolation and an Exponential Lower Bound for Extended Resolution

7:30 PM -- : Dinner

Friday 21/10/2011

09:00 PM -- 10:00 PM: Keynote talk
Wolfgang Thomas, Computability in 1936: Pioneering Papers and Perspectives

10:00 PM -- 10:30 PM: Coffee break

10:30 PM -- 12:30 PM: Session III
Bas Luttik, Reactive Turing Machines
Eric C.R. Hehner, Problems with the Halting Problem
Stephan Falke, Termination Analysis--Turing Machines, Register Machines, and Real-Life Programming Languages
Evgenia Falkovich, A Formalization and Proof of the "Extended Church-Turing Thesis"

12:30 PM -- 2:00 PM: Lunch

2:00 PM -- 3:00 PM: Keynote talk
Henk Barendregt, The Impact of the Lambda Calculus

3:00 PM -- 3:30 PM: Coffee break

3:30 PM -- 5:30 PM: Session IV
Herman Geuvers, Newman's Typability Algorithm
Nicolai Kraus, Equality in the Dependently Typed Lambda Calculus: An Introduction to Homotopy Type Theory
Pierre Bourreau, Can We Pass the Turing Test Using Church's Lambda Calculus?
Martin Hofmann, Pure Pointer Programs

The abstracts of the talks, PDF.